About Baker

For over 50 years of experience BAKER TRADING has been a pioneer in wood floor and decoration accessories in the Gulf. The company's main strategy is to provide a perfect match for the requirements of decorators, interior designers and customers.

This is due to our personalized service and selective range of quality product. Come and visit our showrooms in Riyadh (Takhaussusi Branch and Khobar Branch) and Jeddah, to discover the way we shape imagination into reality.

  • Baker Trading’s mission is to continuously initiate new benchmarks and standards within the flooring industry.  Through ongoing commitment to service standards , the company aims to :


    –         Drive transformation in the organisation at all set levels.

    –         Adopt outstanding employee management practices which promote a positive work environment.

    –         Maintain and improve the quality of products & services in order to retain the customer base.

    –         Respond to the customers in order to meet their expectations in an effective and efficient way

    –         Seek and adopt the changes in the market in relevance to customer demand, IT and economic conditions.

  •  The company’s vision is to be the market leader in providing state of the art products fetched from all over the world and achieve a fabulous goodwill through these products and services but not only in the local market but globally.
  • Baker Trading’s has always kept it's promises and sticks to its values at every level of business envoirment. Our core values are:


    • Customer Care
    • Quality
    • Standard & Comittment
Takhassusi Branch (Riyadh)

Khobar Branch 

Jeddah Branch

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